Simply Wonderful

This was an afternoon of inspiration, hope, and help for Houston’s hungriest children. The Harvest Luncheon is an annual fundraising luncheon for Kids Meals Houston.  Kids Meals Houston is a great charity, they provide lunches to severely poor children in the Houston area ages five and under.  Their mission is to “end childhood hunger”.

Delivering Hope


Inspiring the Masses

At this luncheon, I listened to the inspiring story of New York Times best seller Author, Liz Murray for her memoir “Breaking Night”.  Listening to Liz’s story from homeless to a Harvard scholarship recipient was very inspiring.  She proves that faith in yourself, hard work and never giving up, can make dreams come true.  Her words “don’t let what you can’t do stop you from what you can do” resonate with so many of us who are trying to fight this to end childhood hunger.  Her emotional story was impactful and made us appreciate the life we have, but more so what we should do as a community to give back to those in need.