I know we all say this every year, but I am going to try and do just that.

Be happy, be grateful! Who is with me?

When I began writing this, it started off on a negative note because of a bad experience I had at a place where I worked last year.  A few weeks ago, I was out to an event and one of my friends said “it’s good of you not to mention where you worked because it’s a small circle here in Houston”.  I thought about it and I realized my article was just opening up old wounds and pouring salt on them.

Why give them so much credit? I always take the high road and believe in karma. On occasion I do sit there and harp on why someone would do this or that to me, but that night I had an epiphany, it happened for a reason.  It gave me the drive and passion to be where I am today.  Today I am happy.  I have so much to be grateful for in my life.  That job was just a job, and now I know how to deal with a similar situation.  Trust me I had written stories after stories about it because I was left so traumatized. But hindsight is 20/20 and I now realize part of it was because I didn’t value myself.  A lesson I have learned this past year is to always value yourself, no matter what.

The things that keep us grateful are the things that are tough to do.  I went to Loaves and Fishes over the summer to help feed the homeless.  As I parked across the street, I could see all these eyes on me.  I suddenly felt ashamed of what I am so grateful for after seeing just a fraction of how hard life is like living on the streets. I met a few people who had college degrees but the path of gambling and drugs had brought them to the streets.  Many of them have family members, but they have given up on them. I now do my very best to help in every way I can.  This coming year, I hope to take my son to help feed the homeless. I want him to be raised with humility, compassion, and the will to help others.

Everything in our lives happens for us to grow stronger and for us to have faith in ourselves.

I absolutely love where I work today and had I not had that experience I may not have appreciated the kindness I get at my current place of work.

So friends that’s my New Year’s Resolution, what’s yours?