Maheen Ghani today is a designer, Psychologist, and a single mother to a beautiful little girl.  I used to follow Maheen and her story surrounding her ex-husband’s kidnapping, and her courage to start campaigns to help get him back from his kidnappers. You can always catch a glimpse of her on a cover of a magazine or a mention of her on Pakistani news.

A Fearless Fashionista

People know her as a gorgeous face turned fashion designer, married into a high profiled family.  She is also known as Pakistan’s fashion icon, and a trend setter.  But, she is so much more than that.

After filing for divorce, she started her own platform where she discusses mental health.  Mental Health in a place like Pakistan is often times seen as taboo.  People don’t like to acknowledge that therapy should exist.  I felt so happy that she is helping so many people through her videos, psychotherapy, and being open about herself.  Maheen is now an entrepreneur with her label MGT, Maheen Ghani Trends, and a psychologist helping people to understand personality disorders.

Her laid back, open and easy-going nature made it easy for me to interview her about a wide range of topics.  Please go and watch our IG Live on my IG TV.  Maheen has her own IG TV which is very educational and inspirational. Please follow her, she is an inspiration to so many people around the world! She is indeed beautiful inside and out!


IG TV Link:

Instagram: @mgbeautyandhealth