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As we continue coping and dealing with the Coronavirus, there is one issue that continues being a huge crisis, Domestic Violence. We have all heard stories or know first hand what domestic violence does to somebody. During this time, I have learned that the Houston Area Women’s Center has seen a large increase in calls. This makes me very sad because in normal life, Victims have found ways to avoid the abuser – by going to work, school, etc. Now, with the strict rules on being under one roof, some victims are just not finding that safe place. As I sit in my home, my safe haven, I think of so many women, children and men scared for their lives. This is no way to live. I reached out to Chau Nguyen, she serves as the Chief Public Strategist for the Houston Area Women’s Center. Chau previously worked almost 15 years in local Houston Television as a reporter and an anchor. Chau and I are in the same circles and our paths have crossed many times, but this was the first time I really got to know Chau.

A Reporter is a Therapist in Training

Her True Calling

Chau and I immediately hit it off, she’s so incredibly kind and easy to speak to. It’s that kind and generous disposition that I am sure makes it easier for victims to trust. I asked Chau how she decided to leave the news world, which can be intoxicating, and enter the world of non profit. Her exact words to me were “Sadaf, Reporters are therapists in training”. This very true! Reporters are the first to be on the scene, see everything first hand, and if that doesn’t shake you to the core, I don’t know what can. Chau realized her true calling was to help victims of abuse.

I am honored to have had this opportunity to speak live on zoom with Chau, and I believe it is so important to educate yourselves. We all need to expand our awareness on this topic. We need to educate ourselves to detect it in our friends circles, she discusses how to approach a victim, help a victim. Don’t ever turn a blind eye. This woman , Chau Nguyen, is so incredibly inspirational I can’t wait to learn more from her and her colleagues, who I consider heroes.

Visit NoCOVIDabuse.org 

Houston Area Women’s Center (HAWC) has started this initiative if you need help during Covid-19. #NoCOVIDabuse is a social media and awareness campaign to let survivors know they need not suffer in silence and will have access to temporary hotel lodging and domestic violence services through program partners.