Botox or Tape?

My friend Kristen Lewis is an Aesthetician who owns her own spa in Atlanta, GA. I find myself reaching out to her whenever I have skin concerns, she or my facialist (Jessica) are my go to people. Recently, I have started to notice my face aging and noticing lines. Obviously, no one wants to age and wants to maintain their youthful looks.
Her and I were discussing Botox and my fear of needles. She explained to me there are other ways to help maintain the same look without getting poked by needles. She uses scotch tape on her forehead every night! Yes! I know it sounds so strange but her skin is amazing, she has no lines, and swears by this trick.

Anything to Avoid Needles and Aging

Check out her quick video below. I know many of you can not get your Botox during COVID, so this is always an alternative you can try at home.

I look forward to your comments!

Here is what you do:
1 piece of tape across your forehead- horizontal
1 piece of tape-vertical
1 piece of tape-diagonal right
1 piece of tape-diagonal left

Instagram Handle: @estheticiankristen

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