Love Supporting Friends

Hey guys! November 7th, I attended the Valentino Store event held by my friend Nuzhat Tabani. I always love supporting friends and finding out more about them. Right after work I headed to the event on a very rainy evening in Houston. I wasted no time in asking Nuzhat all the questions on my mind.

Nuzhat and I have been friends for years and I wanted to dig deeper on the events she puts together for Valentino. She also has her own line of clutches and jewelry by the name NKT Houston.

Fall Soiree Valentino

Nuzhat Tabani

Nuzhat earned a Finance degree from University of Houston. She was never in love with the idea of Finance, therefore didn’t pursue it. She went into teaching but told me that she realized she was just taking jobs that did not inspire her or excite her. She was approached by the Manager of Valentino, who was impressed by Nuzhat’s style and asked if she would like to join the team as a Stylist and hold small events for her friends. Excited but nervous, Nuzhat accepted. Fashion is where she felt she belonged. Like so many south Asians, Nuzhat didn’t have the confidence back into undergrad to pursue her dream. She doesn’t want to be a stay at home mom, or designer out of her own home, she loves the feeling of going to work and helping someone choose their dream. She’s extremely fashionable and I admire her allowing me into her life.
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