As we approach the mid of December, I had the pleasure of attending a great two-day Fashion show.  Thursday and Friday evening, I attended the Fashion For Good Houston Fashion Show, showcasing local Houston Designers.

I actually learned a fact perhaps many don’t know about the Fashion Industry; they are responsible for being the “second largest polluter in the world”.  Imagine the amount of textiles being wasted. FFG represent local designers who are passionate about making eco-friendly products which will last a person a long time.

Haute Dogs and Fancy Cats Fashion Walk

Thursday night they partnered up with Rescue Pets Movement. I was saddened to see so many pets abandoned or abused.  It was so great to see that this charity has helped get these animals back to good health and find them great forever homes. In addition, I was able to cheer some people who I admire, the gorgeous Miss Texas Logan Lester, the fabulous Staci Henderson, and Designer Nicholas whose fashion label Mysterious is so Unique and refreshing.

Friday night was packed with so many designers like David Peck, Shehla Rana and Nicholas of Mysterious coming together in support of homeless services charity, Direct Hope.  The event was also great for people watching. I saw a guy and a girl who caught my attention, I immediately walked over to them.  I asked them who they were. They told me their names, Jordan and Andrea.  They both looked like models off a runway. Turns out the Styling was done by none other than Houston’s Style Setter Shannah Quinn of the Social Graces Club, and Jordan is on her team.  We connected instantly! This is why I come out of my comfort zone and attend such events alone.  Just great to meet new, talented people!