How do you say goodbye?

I have to be honest here. I am not good with saying goodbye. So I won’t. Instead I will just say thank you. As I approach the last week of living here as a Houstonian, I have to say, it all feels bittersweet. We are sad to leave a city that gave us so much: Friends, family, and a good life, but, we are extremely excited for our new chapter in NYC.

The past weekend was a whirlwind of events. Starting the weekend off with my farewell party. I can’t get into it with out feeling teary eyed. My hosts and friends made it so special. Each and everyone of you who came will always have a special place in my heart. And as my dear friend Miya Shay said, this is also a time to celebrate, for all of us!

Saturday I attended the yearly LCA’s Mothers Day Soirée. In 2019 I was honored as a mother and my achievement as a woman of diversity. I began writing my blog shortly after that event. It inspired me to be who I am…. Sadaf.

At the soirée Ruchi surprised me with a thoughtful and gracious recognition of what my husband and I stood for in this diverse city of Houston. Ruchi, I will miss our talks, laughs, and mindless gossip! I wish you luck as you expand your business to The Woodlands. I’m very proud to see where you are today!

My photographer when Sonya is busy, Quy Tran. Thank you for always being there. Not only as a photographer at events but as a friend!

To All of my Houston friends, this is not goodbye but a see you soon. I hope to stay connected through my blog Being Sadaf and my Instagram. I’m only a message and phone call away.

Please keep us in your prayers and I’m forever indebted to the kindness Houston has shown my family and I.




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