At the end of July, I went in for my annual Mammogram screening.  I have been getting a mammogram since the age of 32 when they first saw some sort of lump or mass.  I remember then how terrifying it was to be rushed into getting an ultrasound, thankfully it turned out to be fiber cystic breast.

I went in this time and I could sense something was off when the technician refused to tell me everything looked normal, which is what they have been saying to me for years.  The next morning, I woke up to an email saying, “Abnormal mammogram, please make a follow up appointment for Mammography and Ultrasound”.

Never Delay a routine checkup! October is Breast Cancer Month.

The word “Abnormal” naturally sent me into a panic. I immediately called my doctor and the imaging center hoping for answers. The reason why I worried is because my Father’s sister died from breast cancer, but at a much later age. I have had a few very close, brave friends who battled breast cancer. The physical and emotional pain and torment they have been through is unimaginable. I had to wait 6 days before I could go back. Those 6 days felt like weeks! Every day I worried, “what happens if I have breast cancer?”, “Do I have a will”? “Will my son grow up without a mom?”. Yes, I know it sounds extremely dramatic, but those were the thoughts constantly racing in my mind. And, what the heck! When you make someone wait 6 DAYS and say yes, we saw a mass, and some abnormality in a breast you will freak out.

Anyway, I went in and this time was different. They treated me so kindly and I waited in the waiting area with other nervous women waiting for our turn. After my mammogram, they told me the Radiologist would like to perform an ultrasound. Okay another 30 excruciating minutes of “What ifs”. Thank God it turned out to be that I have extremely dense tissue and sometimes what looks like a mass were just lumps which are common amongst women who have dense breast tissue. I felt like a ton of bricks were taken off my shoulder and I could finally breathe. When I walked out, I let out a sigh of relief but then I saw the three women waiting for their turn, God has been good to me and I need to take care of myself.


To all of you women out there who are delaying your mammo’s, or routine checkup, DON’T! Please go get checked out. One thing about me is that I am constantly worried, so I get all my routine checkups. Self-care does not mean spas, nail salons, and sleep. It is also caring for your health. Your health is the biggest blessing in your life. And for those brave many who have fought breast cancer, you truly are inspirations and heroes. October is Breast cancer awareness month, but for a survivor it is every single day. Stay strong and never give up.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Ribbon