High Tea with CG Studio, Hosted by Sami Khaleeq – Kiran’s Restaurant

Since November, I feel I am finally living the life I have wanted.  I owe it to CG Studio.  I met Sami back in September during the goodbye party for the Consulate General of Pakistan.  I heard people talking about him, so instead of assuming I decided to find out for myself what he was about.  He told me he was in digital marketing, a few weeks later I messaged Sami asking if he would help me with my blog.  I had all of these ideas, but I definitely needed the help to bring it to fruition.

On February 26, 2020 I was invited by CG Studio to attend “A Private Afternoon High Tea”.  It was a great group of people, encouraging, and empowering one another.  As a blogger this was definitely a great opportunity to meet more people and ask about their stories.  I have had the pleasure of meeting various entrepreneurs.  Some were designers, photographers, business owners, models, and influencers.  It was a laid back, yet chic event surrounded by beautiful people.  We ate mushroom stuffed samosas, drank masala chai, and even had the pleasure of meeting with the owner of Kiran’s, Kiran Verma. It was an event to remember and I am already looking forward to their next event.  Check out my pictures, you never know when you may need one of these fabulous people.