Ready to Wear

Sneha Merchant put together a memorable event for South Asians on September 14, 2019, where I was on the Host Committee. We wore the Anita Dongre’s fabulous designs and invited our friends to come and support operation smile. I remember Sneha’s heartwarming words in my mind; she supports operation smile “because every child should have the confidence to take a picture and feel good about themselves.” We get caught up in our superficial world and need these reminders of how fortunate we really are. I was also very impressed by Anita. She talked about how she never says no to any woman who asks her for a job. It’s such a commendable quality for a famous designer to have. She has dressed Beyonce and even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Giving Back

Giving back is the only way we can repay God for the life he has given us. The event was lovely. I absolutely LOVED my dress and had the opportunity to shop while catching up with friends.

Photos by Quy Tran