The KNOWAutism is the Largest gala for the foundation in Houston. 

The gala raises funds to inform and increase the awareness of autism along with providing financial and educational resources for families who may not know where to go.  They are very supportive towards “communities with the language barriers”.   When you buy your ticket you know your money is going directly to the ones affected by autism.  My dear friend Tammy Nguyen and her husband Wayne Nguyen created KnowAutism foundation ( after learning the diagnosis of their son.  They personally know the struggle that parents face.  I have many friends who have similar stories, therefore this gala is one that is important for my husband and I to attend.

This year’s gala chairs were Miya Shay & Gene Wu. Each year the theme is different and the attendees keep increasing. They had a black and white picture theme, which I found to be quite interesting and very unique. A few highlights from the night were running into Mama Mai (Jeanie Mai’s mother), Michael Pearce, legendary Houston socialite Harriet Gertner, and many interesting Houstonians. One of my favorite superwomen, Hallie Vanderhider was the recipient for the Humantarian of the year award.  Hallie’s contributed to so many charities, and it was great to see her being recognized for her philanthropy.

There was a live entertaining auction but also live performances by young kids, including our friend Sippi Khurana’s son, Shaan.  And of course a special performance by Kelly Elizabeth Levesque.

It’s one of those Gala’s you don’t want to miss, the colors were vibrant, the energy was high, and through the pictures you can see what a wonderful event it turned out to be!

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