I was introduced to Nirali through a good friend of mine, Krupali Laxmidas.

Nirali Shah is a born raised Texan and is the owner of her own events company, Nirali Shah Events. She is a multi talented event planner, who specializes in destination weddings.
Nirali’s story is unique, after obtaining a bachelors degree from UT Austin she was all set to apply to Law School when a little voice inside her said “what if?” SHe had recently been to India and took part in putting together a South Asian wedding, she realized her potential as wedding planner and how after a long time something brought her to life.

"If there is no risk there is no reward"- Christy Raedeke

She decided to put Law School on hold and followed her heart, risking it all to start her own business. Through word of mouth Nirali gained attention and unattainable clients. Her presence is not only on a National level but she has received global notoriety. Shes been published in many wedding magazines but her dream came true when Vogue weddings came knocking on her door. Yes, Vogue Weddings America. Please click below to watch her Live with me, the enthusiasm you hear in her voice expresses how proud she is of her business.



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