Ome Habiba Khan, aka Ome, Biba, Bibz, Omes.

This girl is not only beauty but brains! She has an undergrad degree in Biology from Benedictine University in Chicago, Illinois. Before becoming an influential make-up artist and a social media super star she worked for a Medical Device company. She was a Medical Sales rep and was asked to represent the company many times at various Medical conventions. She wanted to become a doctor to please her parents, but her passion was always make up and acting.

Ome Habiba Khan is a motivator, influencer, and self-made social media star

I have known Habiba for almost 13 years.  She is Rehan’s first cousin. She and her family were always there for us, inviting us, and were extremely supportive of Rehan’s life and proud of all of his achievements. For me Habiba was this young vivacious girl wanted to reach the sky but not knowing how.  Habiba had been offered to model clothes for various South Asian designers in city of Chicago, but I always felt she was made for something bigger.

From the outside, it looks like she has a picture-perfect life, but she’s an actress, and has hidden her pain away and put it all into her work.

At the age of 20

At the age of 20 her parents divorced which affected her emotionally in so many ways, as it does to most children who have to see their parents walk away from one another.  I became extremely close to her during those times. As she navigated between completing her undergrad and maintaining a part time position as a pharm tech, she was usually consumed with self-doubt. I never really fully understood how a beautiful girl like her could feel insecure.  To me she was perfect.

I wanted her to see the beauty in herself. It was around that time when a stylist, Barbara Glass, at Fox Chicago (Rehan’s old workplace) reached out to me asking me if I knew of any young models.  She needed to showcase designer coats on air and was looking for fresh faces.  I immediately thought of Habiba and connected them.  I would take Habiba out to social events in the city with me and we always had such a great time.

Tragedy Struck

After I moved to Houston, a year later tragedy struck once again, Habiba’s father, Adil Khan, Adil Mamu, suddenly passed away. His death was completely unbearable. He was not your typical father; he was also her best friend.  He knew she was destined for so much more than she could imagine.  His death changed our lives forever.  At the time of his death she was engaged, and everyone was planning her wedding.  Everything came to a complete halt, even the relationship.  Though we from the outside felt and knew it was for the best knowing the relationship was not meant for her, she couldn’t see that.  She felt alone, distraught, attacked, and extremely vulnerable.

That is when she took control of her life and realized there was only one way, and that way was up.  She knew she could only rely on herself and never wanted to feel indebted to anyone.  A quality I admire most in her.


She took all of the pain and put into her work, she loved make up, loved make up tutorials.  She started a YouTube channel which gave her an outlet from her actual reality.  Girls were looking up to her, and she was beginning to see her own strength.

She took a leap of faith and followed her brother Masood to LA.  LA is where majority of the influencers of the US reside.  She wanted to be known amongst the best.  I knew then that she was unstoppable.  When I look at her today, I look up to her.  She is an amazing role model for young girls across the globe.  She has made herself a household name and is a brand herself.


Today, she is well connected with celebrities, she was the face of Milani cosmetics, her make up techniques have been mentioned in Allure magazine, and she has been invited to many premieres.  She’s had the honor of doing make up on big names in the Bollywood world such as Shabana Azmi and was asked to attend the HUM TV awards. (Due to schedule conflicts she could not attend) She is also known as one of the top 100 Pakistani/American influencers in the US.

Anytime someone asks me how I did my make-up look, I always say “hey follow my cousin Ome”, because it’s true I follow all of her YouTube, Instagram tutorials.

When my friend approached me with an idea how I should do a tutorial on eyes now that we are all required to wear masks publicly, it was a no brainer for me to team up with only the best.

Thank you to all that watched our Instagram live.  I have attached a video of that look on my page. Ome Habiba Khan is a motivator, influencer, and self-made social media star.  Below are her Instagram, tiktok, and twitter handles.

Instagram: @OME
TikTok: @Ome
Twitter: @Ome_Khan

OME Tip: Are You Mask Ready?


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