Let’s Talk Mental Health

I have lived a majority of my life being afraid of what people will say. But, I’ve come to wonder why are we so afraid of other people’s negative comments?  Do their comments define who we are as individuals or shape our future?

They shouldn’t but yes, unfortunately some of us go down the rabbit hole and begin to believe everything we hear about ourselves. For too long I felt out of place, a blunt person who was known to speak her mind, but all in a negative way. I became extremely defensive, depressed, and resentful. The number one thing South Asians fear is a psychiatrist and therapy, there is such a bad stigma behind the word psychiatry.  And let me tell you one thing…There is NO shame in seeing a therapist.

Overcome the Stigma!

It is OK not to feel OK

Three years ago, I lost one of my best friends, he died of a sudden heart attack.  I never got to say goodbye and the grief of his passing was beyond devastating, and even today I am not over it.  This was the first time someone so close and dear to me had passed away.   At that time, I felt I couldn’t give my 100% to my son because I was grieving.  I didn’t think I would be “normal”, or life could be “normal” again.  One day my son came home from school and said, “mommy I told my teacher you are very sad and cry all of the time”.  I was immediately taken aback and shocked by his words.  He was only 4 years at this time, but it was affecting him. That day I looked up a psychiatrist and decided to gain control of my life.  Through my therapy I have been able to see what makes me happy and what holds me back.  I began to realize I will have to face many disappointments and setbacks in life.  Through my sessions I get to talk through my issues and resolve them.


I now know how to fight through depression and anxiety, and I can detect in others.  I am a big advocate for mental health.  My parents don’t agree that I need it, they think I should pray and read the Quran, and all will be okay.  But even God says mental health exists.  I know people look at me and think, I have physical health, a healthy child, husband, a career.  Why on earth would she be suffering from depression?  Depression is indescribable and at times debilitating disease.  There are days I don’t want and cannot physically get out of bed, but I force myself.  I keep an inspirational saying in my bathroom to help keep me motivated.  “Every day is an opportunity to have a fresh start”.   People from all walks of life suffer from it. We need to help our souls before we can help anyone.  To those of you out there, it is OK to not feel ok. We have therapists and psychiatrists for a reason and there is no shame in it.  If you are suffering from a loss and feel depressed please reach out.

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