My Life as a Working Mom.

I love reading blogs about mothers who talk about the incredibly tough job of staying home and raising their kids.  Blogs about healthy recipes, and what we all NEED to be feeding our children.  I could be one of those mothers, I actually thought that is what my life would be.  My mother is a housewife and dedicated her life to raising us. As that may be rewarding for some, by the time I reached my late 20’s I knew I wanted something of my own.  A lot of women equate their identities with their husbands, and I have noticed they feel awkward for not having a career when they talk about their lives. To those mothers, you don’t have to justify, no one mother should judge another.

Support was everything for me.

My Motivation

When I went through my divorce in my 20’s I felt so worthless that my sister Shazia and my friend, Saba, pushed me to find my place, my worth. In my eyes, these two women epitomize the very definition of “women empowerment”.  My sister Shazia is a Hospitalist and a full-time mother.  Saba, is an extremely driven lawyer who always has told me I can be whatever it is I wish to become. I started working and found it quite rewarding.  I looked forward to getting ready, having a goal, and receiving a paycheck.  With the support of the women in my life and my husband, I finished my Masters in Science of Accountancy and also passed the CFE.  I studied for my CFE while I was expecting our child, Rafae.  CFE is a Certified Fraud Examiner and as an Accountant I wanted three letters behind my name, but honestly, I feel I did it to impress my parents.  In retrospect, I am happy I did it.  I used to be extremely hard on myself and didn’t think I could accomplish anything. Ultimately, it’s our own feelings which motivate us.  Working keeps me on my toes and having a daily routine.  I feel I am a much better mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend.  Having a schedule, I get to check mark what I have done for the day.

Yes, You Can Do it All

Trust me my son is always on my mind.  I choose to work full-time, I cook twice a week, I do not have a full-time maid, and I have enrolled my son in after school activities, and at the end of the night I catch up on my Real Housewives on Bravo.  I have never let work come in the way of my family.  It’s all about prioritizing.  My son’s education is extremely important to us, I ensure he reads and finishes his homework every day.  He is also enrolled in many different activities, making sure he doesn’t miss out on any opportunity.  He’s turning into quite a lil’ man with a lot of his own unique ideas.

We have 24 hours in a day, working is about 8-10 of those hours.. it’s how you choose to use the other hours that matters most. Working doesn’t mean I don’t socialize, I do.  Not only do I dedicate my time to charities, I enjoy down time with my friends, and I love attending functions with my husband.  I have always admired women who were able to do it all. I read a lot of inspirational articles, and I follow influencers who are good for my soul. Most importantly, I wake up every day thinking how I can be a better version of myself today.

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