There once was a girl who often dreamed she was destined for more than what her city had to offer.

Shy, quiet, lost in her thoughts, unaware of what life had in store for her. As she grew up, she lost faith in achieving what she had once dreamed. She gave it up to fit into the so-called norm and hoped to make her parents happy. Marriage was the only thing which her parents would be proud of. She often took the road less traveled, arguing about women’s rights. Whether it was religious, cultural, or just in her household. Interestingly enough, she was raised by a strong willed woman whom she adored. She knew if her mother could come to the US at age 20 and start from scratch, she too had it in her to do amazing things. Like everything else, life happened, and her dreams were put on the back burner. About a year ago she came to a crossroads – personal happiness and fulfillment or continuing trying to please others. This time she knew life was a one shot opportunity, so she chose herself. She was more mature, wiser, and had the support of her family and friends. Though she knew the road would be tough and sometimes bumpy, she said “what do I have to lose?” She stopped caring what others thought of her and put herself first. She knew, as long as her faith was strong and she worked tirelessly, anything was possible.

"Your past does not equal your future."

Today I am proud to call this person Sadaf, a version of myself I was afraid to expose. Criticism I was afraid to face. With the will of God and a great support system, anything is possible.

As 2020 is coming to an end, I’m looking forward to all of the possibilities the future holds. I’m optimistic, realistic and most of all ready to face the world.

In order to achieve what I want, I realized I still lacked the confidence and needed to stop having a knee jerk reaction to any negative response. In this highly stressful world, I find solace in knowing what is meant for me will always be for me. Strive for the best, hope for a better version of yourself, and watch how the universe turns in your favor.
With that being said my blog turned 1 this year! Grateful beyond measure, I feel blessed to have the most amazing people supporting me each step of the way.

Below are pictures from my Brunch celebrating “Being Sadaf”.