Who knew that we would be in a time and place where a virus would literally change the way we live our lives?

It’s been two days now of really isolating ourselves from the outside world. Your mind tends to wander in so many directions. But you can also take the time to focus and think about what really matters. What I realized is family, health and those who REALLY care about you are what matter.  Unfortunately, there are good people and some really really bad people. I am talking about the toxic ones who make you lose faith in trusting anyone.

I left Chicago to come to Houston..from a place of comfort to a place of complete uncertainty. A complete restart of my life and my family’s life. The first couple of years we met a lot of people who were genuine and remain part of our lives. But there was a particular person that came into my life for all the wrong reasons. I was manipulated and brainwashed into thinking this person had my best interests in mind. But, in reality it was what she could gain from using me that attracted this person to me. I was manipulated, isolated and never felt so awful about myself. It was all because what I was being told by this person. All untruths to keep me isolated and wrapped around this person’s finger. Rumors were being told behind my back, secrets we shared were told to others, and then I was tossed to the curb. Literally like the scarlet letter was on me. This person literally just stopped talking to me, and until this day I have no idea why this person even entered my life. I have concluded and know from many others that this person used me to climb some imaginary social ladder.

It is so irritating to the point of disgust when I run into this person. Because the bizarre and honestly psychotic behavior that is put forth. It is so freaking crazy to me.

Anyway, I learned my lesson there. Never again will I be used by someone, nor manipulated.  As Oprah once said, if two or more people tell someone is bad, then they are bad. And they leave a record, a path of similar stories wherever they go. I call them friend jumpers and social climbers. As Pakistani Americans, there is a stigma that some have to be on some social ladder. But it’s quite the contrary and honestly laughable seeing this happen before my eyes.

So, I am sure you have been or seen this happen. My readers, I can offer up a few books to read that I have read, but I feel most will benefit from this article to detect toxic people, The 15 Toxic Friendship Signs. Avoid toxic people in your lives and focus on the good in this world. And remember God is just. And they will get theirs.

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