Wendy Granato is probably the reason why I felt confident enough to start my own website.  On August 9th my husband, Rehan, and I attended her birthday/congratulatory surprise dinner thrown by her husband John.  Wendy Granato is a name everyone knows in Houston, she was recently promoted to General Manager, President of ABC 13/ KTRK.  Wendy made history in Houston by being named the first woman station GM in Houston, Texas.  What an Honor! And not only that what an inspiration.  Her hard work and determination along with her brilliant mind have landed her the new position.  When Wendy and I first met, I was very intimidated, she was this petite stunningly gorgeous woman, who is the epitome of class.  I was immediately drawn to her.  Through the past five years Wendy has been a great support for our family and always told me to do what my heart desires.  She is one of the kindest individuals in such a powerful position. When I look at her, I want to emulate her qualities.  She told me at her party that I needed to do what would make me happy because life is too short to spend your time unhappy.